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Dr. BOBíS Photo Gallery

Here are a few pictures and comments from Bobís visits to Nepal. If you have been thinking and praying about short term missionary trips to Nepal you may gain some more information from viewing this Gallery.

Now this is Reuben who works with Bob. Bob is the one with the moustache. The head gear is not compulsory when dinning however it tends to keep the circulation going around the ďlittle grey cellsĒ a term a well known detective would use. As you can see Jamie Oliver didnít do the cooking that day.† Also note the international symbols that form the goal postís for this pic.† I think Reuben is more hungry than Bob judging by the amount of food left on Bobís plate.†

Down town main street in the local village. Recognise the guy out for a stroll? Yes its Bob! I must say the trendy head gear is catching on with the local. The shadows are long we could be in for another cold night!

We are heading for a cold night but there is my refuge for the night. Look at the balcony and flowers. This a great privilege for someone to give up their bedroom for me. I was very thankful to the person who made this sacrifice.

Now we are inside the room. As you know the Nepalese are not a tall people and the bed is 5 foot six. and just fits in the room. It is a joy to be with these people and to share the love of Jesus.

If you need to go in the middle of the night the little building over my right is were you go. I wonder why they put it way out there?

If you have been in the little building for a while and then the sun comes up this is the view you could see before you go for breakfast.

Hey Bob! Breakfast wonít be long now we are all pitching in and that old saying about the broth and too many cooks is just meaningless in Nepal.

We will be travelling again soon and that is the 4WD we use and you would be surprised how many we get is this one.

This is the first meeting. Look at the seating arrangements can you guess what it is? Great weather though and see the sunshine. We also knew the Son was shining too. Jesus was there!

Everyone wanted to get involved in the meeting with all the sunshine and the Son shining. People came form all over the place. Here I am greeting one of the local policemen.

On the second day a baby was healed and that got the surrounding area interested† and people came visiting us from all over the place. The Son was continuing to shine.

This lady is testifying about how Jesus touched her with His love and forgiveness. Look at her face itís a picture that tells its own story. It is all so worth the time and effort.

More picture stories soon!

Keep looking in to this sight.