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The Illegal Trial of Jesus. Jesus the complete and most honourable sacrifice was lifted up between heaven and earth. There He became the acceptable price for mankind’s sins. There He died and shed His blood that many might live in the love and fullness of God. His mouth was sealed by the wickedness of men. His life, though sinless, was falsely condemned and taken from Him and yet – He lives.

This work sheds light on the illegal, false trial of Jesus Christ and those who violated the laws of the day. Even though He was beguiled and deserted by those He loved; the will of His Father was fulfilled in His slaying Him. Today Christians rejoice over His death, burial and resurrection because of the salvation from sin it brings to mankind. Condemned falsely and put to death by man; Jesus rose triumphantly over the grave in order to share with all mankind the eternal blessings of His love.

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The illegal trial of Jesus

At the beginning of the 70’s Israel and Egypt went to war once more and “end-time” proclamation intensified. With every new conflict in the Middle East came new interpretations, particularly from the Old Testament and it was vogue to believe just about anything that dealt with end-times teaching and preaching.

This was followed by numerous books and movies about the second coming of Christ, the rapture, the great tribulation and other topics which produced 12 several best sellers, but not necessarily better Bible scholars or Bible students. Fiction novel reading replaced Bible reading in many homes and suddenly fiction was being believed as fact. Add to this the eventual acceptance of the existence of the “New World Order”, as President Bush called it in 1990, and its Illuminati, Kabbalistic Masters’ sinister two hundred year-old conspiracy to rule the world, and you have a new interpretation of the identification of the anti-christ whose coming preachers were predicting was imminent.

All this preaching and publicity appears to have been taken as “gospel” by so many believers yet, is there a possible flaw in it? Could all of it be right? As a matter-of-fact could any of it be right? Is it possible that we want it to be right and believe that there may be some Old Testament and New Testament passages to substantiate what we want to believe? Or, do we accept it because we want Jesus to return soon so we can prove to the world we are right and get out of here?

Well, as a side liner on these matters I have seen much, heard much, read much, closely examined more and spent many years teaching and writing about it but, to date, have only shared my papers with those who asked for them. I will confess now that I swim against the tide of opinion on the popular “endtimes”

doctrines. Why? Because I question what others regard as the "obvious interpretation" of these matters. Therefore, I have decided to share my comments and conclusions about Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 with you. I welcome your comments about my thoughts, but please realise that what will follow over the weeks ahead is one complete argument and best considered as a whole. So your patience is requested as we progress toward my conclusion on the matter, which incorporates all three gospel chapters.

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Dr. Bob Chapman M.A, B.A, DipTh, the founder of Extreme Life Ministries Inc, graduated from Bible College in the USA in 1971 and began ministering in Australia that year. He has been actively involved in non-charismatic and charismatic ministry, missions, church planting, and Bible College teaching for more than 40 years. He and his wife, Marilyn, serve the Lord in China whenever possible and have lived there on two separate occasions teaching in several universities. He continues to plant churches and teach at the Bible College of Western Australia where he has lectured for the past 15 years. He is the author of the books Extreme Lives for Extreme Times and Extreme Power: Spiritual Gifts Never Ceased. He currently holds revival meetings in Western Australian cities and country towns and discipleship training seminars around the world. Bob and Marilyn have an adult daughter and son.




Extreme Power highlights how Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered and Spirit-anointed disciples can execute God-ordained ministries in any generation. Ministries which do not depend on the power, the education or the talent of the individual, but rely totally on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to fulfil their divine will through yielded lives.

Initially, my ministry call was non-charismatic and for ten years I taught that spiritual gifts ceased at the close of the first century. However, during my tenth year of ministry, I realized I had not considered certain scriptures which emphasised the need for God-empowered, charismatic ministry in every generation.

In Extreme Power I present scriptures I consider support the need today for Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered and Spirit-anointed discipleship – the type of discipleship Jesus initiated and desires all believers to embrace and participate in.

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