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Joan & Jeff

News letter from Tami


Dear Bro Bob,

Much prayers

Much love

To you dear friend.


We are all praying much for you.

And we hope you are doing fine as we are too.

We all cannot wait for the day you come and join us in Nepal for Nepali Sangati again. You were a practical blessing when you visited and taught at our various projects.

We in the meanwhile pray for you much. Can you include all this info and our web info below onto your web pages as I requested you brother Bob.


This month one of our girls Shova who led the slum school got married to a Pastor's son. He is involved in sports evangelism and she will join him in ministry in east Nepal and to think that one day Shova may have become a dance bar girl. We are feeling so proud now of our ministry to her.


Our 20 member leadership team continues to serve the women and children  at risk and grass roots leaders who are not accepted in the conventional sense.



(women at risk ministries)

-One girl we recently rescued who was sold twice and now she lives with us.She was scared of Christianity but now she likes Christians after living with us.The other day asked us how would her family reacted when she becomes the first Christian. Pray that she gets saved.

-Another lady who was Going to choke her baby with salt after birth was rescued by            our team. Pray as we love mother and child.

-Another lady who was beaten and thrown out with her 1 yr old baby is living and            working at our women's centre.

- right now we are reaching out to two girls who have been raped and thrown away.            We plan for them to stay at our women's centre.



(primary education for temporary squatters) -Our slum Kids have gone to India for a Hindu pilgrimage and we pray the seeds we sowed in them will instead lead them to Christ as they return soon.Most of their parents are fortune tellers.

-We have just taken them for a picnic and a field trip to Godavari botanical gardens. As most of their families are radical Hindus  please pray we can somehow show them the true light. We are praying for one more staff to take over the Tara school leadership from Shova.



(children at risk)

We continue to visit the street kids every week and also eat meat and rice with them. Playing football with them as well as telling them stories of what Jesus did and will do for them. We have sent two of our leaders To a 50 day Brazilian school of Music and are praying and planning that when they finish we start a  music ministry also for our street teens. We are looking for a bigger street kids home too.




(a home of rest and revival for leaders)


-  We are now having 10 women's ministry leaders. They are getting some rest and            revival at our leadership centre. Pray for revival amongst them.

- Our Kathmandu valley Pastors network had a seminar there on finances and f           fruitfulness in the ministry.

-  Youth leaders had a one day youth training at our leadership centre.

-  We have also had a short retreat for my Bachelor of Theology seminarians on            rest revival and doing a living works verses a dead works ministry.


We continue to need your Real love and Real prayers.



Rev Brian Ruth Williams